Who We Are

Happy Earth Soil is an innovative new composting company that creates organic, peat-free Soil Conditioner and Leafy Compost from grass cuttings and leaves.

We at Happy Earth Soil are a family business with roots in both the United Kingdom (Oxfordshire to be exact) as well as United States.  While living in New York, we had a need to ‘recycle’ our grass cuttings during the summer months and leaves during the autumn. Having researched, we started to experiment and began making our own compost. Growing various herbs, flowers and vegetables in our own compost, we became inspired to start our own company. We have relocated back to the United Kingdom and have made Oxford our home.  The growing seasons are a bit different and the weather is much nicer and has allowed our composting and experimentation to further develop into our two products today, Soil Conditioner and Leafy Compost.  Our products have been laboratory tested and used by both family and friends alike and have proven to be effective, all natural and essential to help both Mother Earth and humankind in maintaining a healthy environment.  We are very passionate about our compost and hope that you will be too!

Our process takes green garden waste and turns it into a useable product rich in nutrients, good micro-organisms, and bacteria in approximately three to four months of time.

Our all natural product is not only recycling green garden product, it is replenishing nutrients back into an already overused and overworked soil. Our product is 100% peat-free, coinciding with the green government initiative to make the United Kingdom “peat free.” We take great pride in giving our clients excellent quality product that is good for the environment.