Q – Where do you get your green waste from?

We get our green waste from landscapers in and around Oxfordshire. In doing this, we monitor what goes into our product keeping additives, sprays and chemicals out of our all natural product.

Q – How long does it take for you to make your compost?

We have created a natural method that takes approximately 3 -4 months from grass cuttings/leaves to finished compost ready for use.

Q – Do you add anything to your compost, i.e. fertilizers?

Our composts are all natural and do not contain any additional fertilizers or additives. 100% green waste, all natural and peat free.

Q – Where can I buy Happy Earth Soil product?

Please feel free to contact us as we are happy to discuss our products and how we can get them to you. We will have an updated list of stockists and markets where we will have Happy Earth products available for pickup in the local area.